Last Update : 10 Jul 2023

Incentives (Perquisites & Concessions)

1. Free of charge :
(i) GGA Diary to all students &
(ii) School bag to all new students.
2. Summer Uniform to all student@Rs. 500 per set (Pant/Skirt & Shirt/T-Shirt)
3. One set of all course books at net purchase price to all students.
4. 75% Concession in Conveyance Charges to Nursery students.
5. Distance based concessional conveyance facility available from residence to GGA & vice-versa in Sikar town and selected potential peripheries at an affordable rate.
6. Full concession in tuition fee to all students of BPL families.
7. School & conveyance fee are chargeable in two instalments.
8. Two medical check ups during the session & free first aid facility available throughout the session.